"Gucci" Lashes
"Gucci" Lashes

"Gucci" Lashes

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We are obsessed. These breathtaking 100% mink lashes are an exquisite design of genuine mink strands adhered to a natural black band for a jaw-dropping look and feel.

The dimension of these gorgeous lashes offers a perfect everyday slay but still strong enough to wow everyone on a girl's night out to the dramatic....make um stop, stare and point and ask you where did you get your lashes from girl.....Yasssss!  

These lashes are not heavy and will fit perfectly to your eyelid giving a gorgeous, compliment-worthy look.

Tested up to at least 20 wears included swimming and working out (be sure to clean the band after use).

Genuine mink, 3D, black band, soft. Glue required.


Grab the lash with your applicator, apply glue to your lash, allow it to dry for 30 seconds, and apply mink lash directly to the base of your natural eyelashes. Hold in place for 10 seconds to allow for drying. Start with the center, outer corner, then inner corner.

Item is lightweight



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