Fresh (Traditional) African Black Soap

Fresh (Traditional) African Black Soap

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Our African Black Soap is imported from Ghana Africa and is freshly handmade for every batch. We have two types of black soap the traditional black soap….(but in some cases the traditional may be a little strong) so we also have a mild black soap that you won’t find anywhere but here. Our mild black soap is made the exact same way as the traditional soap except it is the fluffy mass that rises out of the pots once the soap has fully cooked. The African Queens then collect the mass and form them into softball like shapes. The soap lathers well and will become darker and harder once water is introduced. It is just as good as our traditional black soap but milder on the skin.



Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, cocoa pod ash, water.


  • Moisturizes skin
  • Contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Renew skin cells
  • Fights acne
  • Brightens and even skin tone
  • Get's rid of dark spots and fine lines
  • Heals body acne
  • Naturally exfoliates your skin
  • Heals irriated skin (eczema, psoriasis etc)
  • Helps with razor bumps

Recommended Usage: 

Once a day 3 times a week for normal to oily skin

Once a day 2 times a week for sensitive/dry skin

*PLEASE NOTE*  Please pay attention to your skin when using this soap.  It contains exfoilationg properties which may cause your skin to dry out which causes an acne breakout.  However, to avoid this please follow up with our Glow Facial Oil and or Silky Moisturizer to restore the moisture back into your skin.  Once you have used this soap for awhile you may notice that you can use it more or less then recommended.  May use on the body daily.....these are just recommended usage for your face.


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