Fall Into Brighter, Clearer Skin

Fall Into Brighter, Clearer Skin

Fall is here and its time to introduce our product highlight of the month, Glossy! Glossy is our scrumptious brown sugar exfoliating face and body scrub. Fall may be my favorite season but the colder weather can be harsh on my skin. And if you're anything like me then you know the struggle of trying to find the right product to help keep your skin looking bright and clear during the fall months.


Dirt, pollution, and sweat can pile up in our pores and weigh down our skin making it look dull. Thats why I like to us Glossy, our gentle yet powerful brown sugar exfoliating scrub. If you're new to the skincare word then you may not know exactly what exfoliating is and why it is important. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin, to reveal smoother, brighter skin. Exfoliating can work wonders for tired, dull looking skin but its important to find the right one for your skincare needs. Some exfoliants can be too harsh on skin, and can cause your skin to look and feel irritated. Yikes! Thats the opposite of what we want. Thats why I created Glossy with a gentle formula made from organic brown sugar and herbal oil, that leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean without a greasy residue.


There are any ways that you can exfoliate , you can use exfoliating tools, scrubs, or chemicals. Both tools and chemicals can be extremely abrasive and cause skin to tear, leaving scars. Exfoliating scrubs provide a gentler feeling by using oil to provide a barrier between your skin and the scrub.

Our indulgent brown sugar and herbal oil scrub is the perfect way to reveal smoother, more youthful looking skin. Start by gently massaging Glossy on to clean skin with warm water. Make sure to rub Glossy in circular motions all over your body. And if you use it on your face, then make sure to use cool water, while avoiding the eye areas.

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