Ok ... I Did It! I'm Natural, Now What???

OMG! That is the question that hundreds of women ask every day.  Many of us curly hair sisters decided to embrace or return to our hairs natural state for many different reasons...... chemical damage, health reasons, on a dare, a relationship break up or just simply want to embrace our hair as God intended.  However, when we do decide to take the leap sometimes it can be a bit challenging so we get frustrated and give up and return to the creamy crack as some of us call it.  

Don't get me wrong... before I made my choice to go natural my hair was relaxed for DECADES... my mom relaxed my hair when I was in the 7th grade and I "Big Chopped" when I was 40...I am now 44 so you do the math ( longgg sigh...lol).  So I'm not judging anyone on how they choose to wear their hair.....I love you regardless.  To go back to my roots was a personal choice of mine and it was actually my loving husband who requested me to do so.  After many months of pondering on the idea, I decided to dive in and do it not just because my hair was chemically damaged and the growth had stunted but because I was curious to see what my hair looked like in its natural state.  Sooooo.....with that being said, here are a few tips to help you get through the shock of  "The Big Chop".


1.  You don't have to "Big Chop" until you're ready.....who said that you even had to.  Transitioning is always an option.  I transitioned for 3 months when I decided to "Big Chop" and that was only because I was tired of dealing with 2 textures of hair.  However, some Beauties do it for years and that's fine if you choose to do so as well.....no pressure girl !

2.  Brace yourself for the shrinkage girl....the shrinkage is soooo real especially for my type 4 hair Beauties. Real talk...when I finally did "Big Chop"....mind you that I transitioned for 3 months as stated in tip #1.  I thought that I was going to have a medium sized afro at least because after all, 3 months in the "relaxed world" is a longggg time to have new growth right girl!  Wellll, it's not in the natural world and when I cut those dead ends off I almost passed out because my mind wasn't ready for what I saw.  Don't get me wrong...I loved my hair it was the shrinkage that I wasn't ready for which brings me to tip #3.

3. Get your mind right Beauty!  Nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for your very first look into the mirror at yourself.  Well, unless you look exactly like your mom and she has a picture of herself with a "Big Chop" or your dad and maybe a sibling. But, unless you have something like this to go off of you will be in shock!  LOL. Unless you're a trooper and you're just ready to get it done and over with....it may not be so bad for you but for the majority.....your jaw will hit the floor....shoot you may even drop a tear or two.  But, once you see how absolutely gorgeous you are and start getting allll of those compliments you'll soon be fine and now it's time forrrrr.....tip #4

4.  In conjunction with getting your mind right for your new journey.  I suggest doing some research as well.  Really it goes hand and hand if you ask me.  Ask your mom, dad or a family member about your hair texture when you were a child if you don't remember yourself.  That way you'll have some idea of what to expect as your beautiful crown grows. You will have some idea by looking at your sibling's hair, parents or family members hair that is natural but genetics are a funny thing so sometimes you can't even go by that.  Do your research on products that are made for your hair type.  If you have kinky type 4 hair....light lotions will do NOTHING for you...trust me I know.  Look for     creams,  buttersoils, moisturizing shampoosconditioners, and deep conditioners.  Products with protein are always good for your hair.  If you have type 1-3 type hair than you would want lighter products...creams and butters will weight your hair down.

5.  Enjoy EVERY phase of your hair journey and have patience.  Take pictures, experiment with different hairstyles, buy different hair accessories and enjoy all of your new found fame because you decided to "Embrace The Real You!"  Which is Natural Roots LLC motto by the way.  Also, know that your hair WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT grow overnight but it will grow as long as you take care of it....it'll take care of you!   

*Bonus*  Moisture Moisture Moisture is your friend now!!!  So when it rains...you don't have to run to get of it!! :)

I hope these 5 tips have helped you on your new venture in the natural hair world!  Don't give up you got this Beauty!  Post and don't forget to post your pictures on Instagram and tag me in so I can give you a shout out!  Follow me on @naturallykimbaly use #naturalrootsllc or #naturalrootsbae see you soon!


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