UUUmmm...Why Won't My Hair Grow?!!!

Hey Beauties! OK sooo this blog is dedicated to the age old question….How do I retain length. I mean my hair grows to a certain length and then breaks off. Not to mention the numerous times I’ve been asked this question so here it goes….hope this helps J

1. Trim as Needed:

In the natural hair world, people will tell you that you need to trim every three to six months! Do what works for your hair! If your ends look fine after three months, then everything is cool! Don’t just cut hair just to cut hair. Examine your own hair, and go from there. You know your hair better than anyone!

2. Protein/Moisture Balance:

It’s important to have a good protein/moisture balance in your natural hair regimen. Too much of either one can cause breakage! If your hair is overly moisturized, it becomes weak, dull, and lifeless. It will need protein to strengthen the hair and help balance everything out. On the other hand, if your hair is snapping and popping, you need moisture. Hair that breaks easily with minimal tension or stretching means you’ve gone a little overboard on the protein and need to reel it in to the moisture side! It’s all about finding the right balance! Try alternating weekly between moisturizing and protein shampoos, treatments and conditioners and you should be all balanced out! And please don’t forget about your deep conditioning and hot oil treatments.

3. You Are What You Eat:

Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is important if you want your hair and skin healthy, growing, and you want to see luscious crown. Hair grows from within, so you need to make sure that you’re eating a well-balanced diet and taking in the proper vitamins and nutrients for optimal hair growth and retention.

4. Low Manipulation Hair Styles:

If you want to see less breakage, you need styles that don’t require much work. Find styles that keep your hair off your shoulders so it’s less likely to rub against your clothes and promote breakage.

5. Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Head Girl:

We all suffer from it. We can’t help it. Our hands and our hair have this unbreakable bond that is so strong that we’re constantly reaching up to twirl, coil, pull, or pat our hair. Ladies, we’re going to have to let go of this love affair! Constantly messing with your hair causes tangles, split ends, single strand knots, and no length retention because you’ll constantly have to snip off your ends for the reasons previously mentioned.

6. Ditch the Heat:

If you want to retain length, you may have to ditch the blow dryer and flat irons for a while. All of that heat may be why you have breakage issues as your ends continue to be fried by the blow dryer or flat iron. It especially affects your ability to retain length if you have heat damage and have to constantly cut your hair. However, if you do choose to flat iron or blow dry your hair here and there make sure you use a heat protectant.

7. Clean Your Scalp:

A dirty scalp just may be the root of your problems. If your scalp’s follicles are filled with a bunch of buildup, it’s impossible for your hair to grow through all that gunk! Cleaning your scalp gets rid of the product build up on your scalp, and also helps with the over production of sebum on your scalp which may be stopping your hair growth.

8. Clean Hair:

Some people seem to think that just cleaning your scalp with shampoo and letting the shampoo run down the shaft of the hair is the end of it all. Don’t be afraid to work that shampoo through the actual strands of your hair, ladies! Gently of course. The “praying hands” method works as it smooths the shampoo down the length of the hair and prevents tangles. Product buildup is real! If your actual strands are full of product, it’s impossible for anything to get in that will help keep your hair moisturized to prevent it from breaking.

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