Glossy (Facial and Body Scrub)
Glossy (Facial and Body Scrub)

Glossy (Facial and Body Scrub)

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Pollution, dirt, and sweat are just a few elements that clog our pores and make our skin look dull and cause breakouts. By exfoliating dead skin away, you can uncover brighter, smoother skin. ‘Glossy’ is a gentle yet powerful exfoliator meant to effectively scrub dry, dead skin away revealing a natural glow underneath. ‘Glossy’ combines rich brown sugar with nutrient-packed herbal oil in this non-greasy formula.

For body use:
Gently massage onto clean and wet skin. Rinse with warm water.

For face use:
Apply after using “fresh” African Black Soap and gently massage unto face avoiding the eye area and being sure to exfoliate the neck area as well.
Rinse using cool water to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

• 100% natural & organic Brown Sugar
• Herbal & Essential Oil Blends

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Glossy keeps my skin feeling extremely soft especially when followed by the body butter. This is now my go to for baby soft skin!

Pamela Harris
It’s not enough STARS

exfoliating is the key to amazing Skin 😉


I used to washing my face with only wet towel and then I started having dry circle spots on my face and since I started using Natural Roots LLC Skin care products OMG my face and body are smooth again and Thanks to you Kim and your Team 🥰

Mónica Semedo
Honey glow

I have to buy more of this scrub. It run out soo quickly but is soo worth it. The glow that it gave to my skin...honeyy 💛

Alicia Brooks

I’ve used a lot of body/facial scrubs before but none of them compare to this one! This product really leaves your skin exfoliated and smooth. I use it all over my body. A little bit goes a long way, but when I run out I’m definitely purchasing again!


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