The Butta

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"The Butta" Need  I say more? This thick and creamy formula is enriched with Shea Butter and Jamaican Black Castor oil designed to seal in moisture and reveal soft, defined, and shiny hair. The Shea Butter adds hydration, which leaves your mane healthy and silky. The Jamaican Black Castor oil promotes hair growth while sealing in moisture leaving your curls soft and shiny. Use ‘The Butta’ to get perfect definition and shine from your twist and braid outs. This is your “C” in the L.O.C method.


Apply to wet hair or follow up after moisturizing with “The Refresher”. Apply from root to the tip being sure to work the product into your
hair. Twist or braid as desired.
For best results use a Denman brush
after the product is applied.

• Fair Trade Shea Butter
• Jamaican Black Castor Oil
• Herbal and Essential Oil Blend
• 100% Natural & Organic

Customer Reviews

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Joy Chemaks
Moisture for days!!

This product keeps my hair well moisturized and I love it. I used it on damp hair and it works great!! My twists looks juicy days after doing them. Love it!!


Great for styling and wanting to keep your hair locked in with moisture

Katera Anderson
Love it!

My hair loves this! After using it my hair felt soft and moisturized. I love that the ingredients are organic and my hair doesn’t feel weighed down. Will order again

Johnita Mayhane

Great stuff it made my hair super soft


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